music as a therapeutic tool for all ages

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music as a therapeutic tool for all ages

Music is one of the most soothing things for babies and young children. Even the music that you think would cause a little one to become stressed out can actually pull the little one out of a temper tantrum. I created this blog after taking some time to learn about different uses for music. You will find all sorts of information about how music can be used as a therapeutic tool for people of all ages. It is my hope that you can find a way to utilize music to better your life, your emotional state or the way your children react to certain situations.

3 Aftermarket Safety Upgrades To Make To Your Car

When you think about making safety upgrades to your car, you might think about things like tinting your windows, installing a new stereo system and putting new rims on your car. However, there are other upgrades that can actually help you with safety. These are a few safety upgrades that you can consider making to your car.

1. Rearview Camera

You might have noticed that a lot of the newer cars that are out there have rearview cameras. Basically, when you put your vehicle in reverse, your car's rearview camera will capture the surroundings behind you, at bumper-level. Although you will still want to look for yourself, this is a great way to prevent accidents and to see things that you might not have otherwise seen when using your rearview mirror or turning around and looking behind you.

2. Bluetooth Capability

Even though you might know that it is better not to talk on the phone while you are driving, there is a chance that you might find yourself doing so sometimes anyway. Adding Bluetooth capability to your car is a great safety feature, since you can use your phone without ever having to take your hands off of the steering wheel. Plus, there are other things to love about having Bluetooth capability in your car, such as the fact that you can stream music from your favorite online music services.

3. Blind Spot Detection System

One of the more dangerous parts of driving is being unable to see cars in your "blind spot." With a blind spot detection system, however, motion sensors can detect that there are vehicles in your blind spot and then provide you with a warning, such as with a light that lights up on your side-view mirror on the same side as the other vehicle. If you find yourself in traffic a lot, this can be a worthwhile investment.

As you can see, not all aftermarket upgrades are about looks or fun and games. Some are highly beneficial and can help keep you safe while you're on the road, as well as help prevent you from getting in accidents that could harm others. If you are looking to make improvements to your car, consider one or all three of these smart upgrades. If you check out a shop that installs security systems and stereos, you can ask about these aftermarket options for your vehicle. Visit for more information.