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music as a therapeutic tool for all ages

Music is one of the most soothing things for babies and young children. Even the music that you think would cause a little one to become stressed out can actually pull the little one out of a temper tantrum. I created this blog after taking some time to learn about different uses for music. You will find all sorts of information about how music can be used as a therapeutic tool for people of all ages. It is my hope that you can find a way to utilize music to better your life, your emotional state or the way your children react to certain situations.

Throw A 'Thriller'-Themed Party This Summer And Celebrate The Life And Music Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson would have celebrated his 58th birthday this August 29th, which is the perfect reason to host a party. If you are looking for a reason to get-together and put on a summertime bash, pay homage to this iconic performer with a 'Thriller'-themed party that is fit for a king- the King of Pop, that is.

Some tips and ideas to pull-off a party that Michael would be proud to attend include:

The music.

The 'Thriller' album cached Michael Jackson eight Grammy awards, and is the perfect musical muse for your inspired event. The hits from this particular album, such as 'Billie Jean', 'Beat it', and the unforgettable duet with Sir Paul McCartney, 'The Girl is Mine', are familiar to young and old, and are still heard on the radio over 30 years later. Enlist a DJ and get the 'Thriller' album spinning to set the mood for your party.

Your venue.

Michael Jackson released his ground-breaking video for his 'Thriller' album in 1983, and it changed the direction that music videos would take in the future. The theatrical elements, elaborate makeup, and underlying storyline made it a video that will be remembered for generations. Replicate this 80s horror genre in your party venue:

  • There is an urban vibe present in the 'Thriller' video, so perhaps set up your décor to replicate the city at night.
  • Rent a fog machine to recreate the fog that encompasses Michael in this iconic video.
  • Don't forget the gravestones! Use Styrofoam to cut out headstones, spray-paint them grey, and add a message or name with black permanent marker. Use these indoors and out to help set the scene for your 'Thriller' inspired event!

The menu.

Use the horror elements of the 'Thriller' video to dictate your menu. Serve up a punch that bubbles and smokes, with the help of a little dry ice. Consider ghoulish snacks and appetizers that will horrify before they tantalize the taste buds. Don't want to go with such scary snacks? Michael was a big fan of Mexican cuisine, so perhaps set up a nachos or taco bar at your bash.

The favors.

Give guests something inspired by Michael to take home with them after your party. For example, there are Michael Jackson trading cards, stickers, and even dolls that you can buy online for serious Jackson fans. Or, give your guests a small plush monkey as a parting gift in honor of Michael's best friend, Bubbles the Chimp.

If you are looking for something to celebrate, consider hosting a party to commemorate Michael Jackson's 58th birthday this August. His music is iconic, recognizable, and promises to get everyone up on their feet dancing. Use these tips to create a venue, menu, and mood that is distinctly Michael. 

For more information, contact Michael Jackson American Master or a similar organization.