music as a therapeutic tool for all ages

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music as a therapeutic tool for all ages

Music is one of the most soothing things for babies and young children. Even the music that you think would cause a little one to become stressed out can actually pull the little one out of a temper tantrum. I created this blog after taking some time to learn about different uses for music. You will find all sorts of information about how music can be used as a therapeutic tool for people of all ages. It is my hope that you can find a way to utilize music to better your life, your emotional state or the way your children react to certain situations.


3 Reasons To Begin Your Own Internet Radio Station And How To Do It

The internet has come a long way from the days of dial-up. Today, you have access to lightning-fast speeds that can load several pages in just seconds or less. Thanks to fast internet speeds and the introduction of 4G and 5G for mobile device users, the use of internet radio has quickly become a trend.

Although AM/FM radio still dominates, music streaming accounts for approximately 85% of music revenue for American labels. In addition, other forms of media are also discovering the benefits of streaming for consumers. For instance, many people are creating streaming stations for podcasts and news.

There are beneficial reasons for you to start your own internet music streaming station. Understanding those reasons and how to make it happen can set you on the right path.

You Enjoy Striking up Conversation

Are you the type of person that enjoys striking up conversations and talking to others? Music and podcasts are great ways to start a conversation. When you stream your own music radio station, you are sharing some of the melodies or thoughts and ideas you enjoy most. You are also allowing others to give their input or recommendations on the music you should listen to and enjoy.

You Are Open to Other Listening Possibilities

You can share your internet streaming radio station with people across the nation. Music lovers will enjoy listening to your recommendations and will provide you with recommendations in return. As such, starting your own internet radio channel will open you up to other possibilities as far as music listening goes.

You Want an Easy, No-Fuss Option

Internet radio streaming is not as technical as you might think. You do not need a lot of money or technical know-how to start your own channel. Your listeners will appreciate the fact that there are usually fewer ad-based interruptions when it comes to internet radio compared to traditional AM/FM radio.

How to Get Started

To start your own internet radio streaming channel, you will need three basic components, which include:

  • You or a source where you plan to host your music. You can set up a space in your bedroom, attic, or even your garage.
  • A server that is reliable enough to support a lot of simultaneous listeners
  • An audience, or people that will listen to your channel

You can easily find an audience for your channel by starting with your social media accounts. Post on places such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and any other social media platforms you use. Let your audience know about your streaming radio channel so you can find out how many people might be interested.

By posting information about your upcoming channel, you can also get feedback early on about the kind of content your audience wants to hear. Make sure you take note of the feedback from your audience and engage them often. The best way to keep listeners interested is through communication.

You will also need equipment for your station, such as a microphone. A dynamic mic would be your best option for internet radio. A microphone stand is also recommended so you can place your mic in a comfortable position as you speak.

Make sure you also invest in quality headphones so you can monitor sound transmission. If the quality of your audio is off, it will frustrate your audience. Finally, you will want to research internet radio streaming services to find out who will provide you with the best platform for your new channel. If you would like to learn more about starting your own music radio streaming channel, contact a professional for more information.